FunfettiMania - £85.00

This is a fun, romantic and lovely touch to add to your first dance, or for a particular moment during your evening. You choose to have either heart-shaped white, pink and red confetti or various colours of glitter confetti. Guests never expect this and it always gets a great big ‘oooooh’ from the crowd.


BubbleMania - £75.00 outdoor use only

Our wonderful bubble machine blows out hundreds of bubbles a minute and will turn all of your guests into silly children again. Choose plain or our ‘glow in the dark’ bubbles. By reducing the speed we can produce a much more subtle effect.


And it will also help entertain the children!


GuitarMania - £75.00

Air guitar for everyone! Our Inflatable Electric Guitars are bright coloured and a novelty prop for any party. Let your guests live out their fantasies of rock and roll glory without having to strike a single note or play a solitary cover gig.


Guaranteed to get the party rocking!


LaserMania - £75.00

Bring your dancefloor to life with our Laser lighting, room filling and colourful cluster effect laser.


Add the wow factor to the dancefloor!